The Great Nicobar Island

Andaman and Nicobar islands are familiar for everyone and are selected frequently by tourists for spending their vacation with immense fun and joy. Most of the islands like Havelock; Barren has already gained the popularity of people across the world. There are a lot more to explore in Andaman. In the north, Andaman Island there lays the largest town, Diglipur that attracts many eco-friendly tourists with its natural sandy beaches and endless variety of evergreen forests also famous for its orange, rice and marine life. Andaman tourism, a tour operator is providing an exclusive trip to this place as it treasures most of the valuables of Andamans. Diglipur town is perfect for indulging in the exemplary life of the paradisaical islands. Have anyone thought about rivers in Andamans? Yes, a river exists in Andamans and which is the only river, Kalpong. Andamans only hydroelectric project is constructed in this river. Diglipur national park has gained the attention of many trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts. Other attractions, which lure the tourists, are Ramnagar beach, mud volcanoes, Kalipur beach, and Lamiya bay beaches.



Commonly called twin islands, which are separate but these, are joined together with a sand bar to make it a single group of island. The sand bar is natural and during high tides, the sand bar disappears leaving water between two islands but when low tides come, the sand bar is seen again leaving a magnificent view. To enter these islands, permission is required from the forest permit in Diglipur. It takes 20 minutes of travel from Arial Bay jetty of Kalinghat to reach the islands. There are options available to choose fisherman’s boat or speed boat. The seashores are bordered with thick tropical forest. The water is crystal clear and reflects the elegance of gem green colour. Sunbathing in Ross and Smith islands is a perfect refreshment activity. The forest is rich with exotic flora and fauna. Turtle nesting of Olive ridley turtles can be encountered once you are in the islands. Water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming are common here in the islands. A marine sanctuary is working here which makes possible to watch marine coral reefs and colourful species from underwater.

Ross and Smith Island


With a height of almost 732 meters above sea level, saddle peak is the highest point in Andaman and Nicobar islands. This mountain is completely coated with evergreen rain forest up to the highest of the peak. Several travelers who like to trek on mountains reach here to seem a bird’s eye read of North Andamans. The best Andaman tour packages from Kolkata provides trekking to the peak for which there requires permission from forest authorities. Kalpong is the only stream of the Islands that flows through Saddle Peak that generates a hydroelectricity project.

 The place where the presents of mud volcanoes are seen is actually a restricted area. The Shyamanagar green forest in Diglipur is the location of these unique volcanoes. Almost 15 kilometers from Diglipur the chains of mud volcanoes can be spotted. On proceeding further, bigger ones are detected. On the course of the trek, there are seating arrangements and board symbols. The trek through the forest would take 15 minutes.


Limestone caves are a cluster of 41 caves inside. There interesting part of the story is that the limestone caves change their shape during rains due to some chemical process. The less explored places in Andaman are this caves also called, as Alfred caves are located near Ram Nagar beach. To reach the caves you need to trek through mangrove forests, which would take actually 1-hour duration. The path to the caves is narrow and once you enter the caves it seems longer and dark. There is a possibility to spot the presence of bats inside the caves and sunlight is devoid here to some extent. The attractive Andaman tour packages from Chennai include this trek in their package listings and the one who selects is lucky to get a walk along these caves.

Limestone Caves


During nesting seasons of turtles, tourists get excellent opportunity to watch turtle nesting grounds in Kalipur beach. Andamans homes too many turtle species especially during nesting seasons. Kalipur and Ramanagar beach are the frequent spots of turtle nests. The forest authorities guide in finding the nests. This most probably occurs during the winter season. Kalipur beach has rock and sand shores with fishing villages nearby.


This beach is at the foothills of saddle peak, is an excellent spot for relaxing, and is the best part of Andaman tour packages as most of them visit to take longer refreshment reclining in the beaches with their favorite cuisine.