What the Five [oo7]

By exploring the boundaries of media and pushing technology, we are starting to lose sight of time and space. I wonder if, as we drift away, we will also lose the desire to dream and travel in the old way.
© Benoit Paillé

  1. From one city to another in less than a hour. 
    If you won’t be scared to take a ride at 27,000 km/h.

2. Lags in communication are always annoying. Let’s put them in music and see what happens.

3. So you don’t know about Valongo. What’s your excuse?

4. Benoit Paillé has been living in a camper since 2013. And he makes superlative shots.

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5. The plot is weird, the cinematography is stunning, the movie is coming. (Well, in March 2018.) (Damn.)

Enjoy time and space old school, at least for the weekend.