A Week Without the Watch

One week ago, I set my Apple Watch to “Power Reserve mode” so that it would not be distracting while I performed with the Atlantic Harmony Brigade mens barbershop chorus. The watch displayed a charge symbol, froze on the current time, and would not turn back on. I searched for the issue online, and each time, the watch had to be brought in to the Genius Bar (who is not yet allowed access to the diagnostic port) to be sent in for repair. My case was no different. Here are my experiences during my week without the watch.

I missed:

  • Quick music and podcast controls in my glances, particularly when working out or driving
  • Checking notifications discretely, and not feeling rude
  • Having my calendar easily accessible, via the Watch face complication
  • Staying aware of the date, also via Watch face complication
  • Tracking my exercise and movement (and yes, even hourly stand reminders)
  • Illumination in the dark
  • Quick-access audio recording with Mic’d

I enjoyed:

  • Having one less device to charge at night (especially with the extra-long cable)


17 days in a row. Perfect activity streak ruined.
  • Missing the exercise tracking was particularly disappointing, since I had 17 perfect days in a row, well on my way towards receiving a “Perfect Month” badge. In order to track my movement while working out, I strapped my iPhone on to my arm. This made controlling my music inconvenient. It highlighted the absurdity of wearing a phone during exercise, and emphasized how natural the Watch (and wearable tech) is for quick controls and biosensors.

It highlighted the absurdity of wearing a phone during exercise

  • Sometimes, I felt phantom wrist taps.
  • The Casio watch I used in the mean time also stopped working on Day 7 of the Week Without the Apple Watch.
  • I’m glad this happened during summer vacation from teaching. The Watch is very helpful in my job as a traveling elementary general music teacher (more on that in another post).

I picked up my brand new replacement last night at the Genius Bar. It came in this adorable little box:

I found the Genius Bar service to be exceptionally friendly. They even let me use the employee bathroom in the back of the store while I waited for my new Watch to pair with my iPhone. The pairing process was flawless — the settings on my new Watch are indistinguishable from the old one!

It’s no secret that I really like the Apple Watch. I think that it is their most thoughtful product to date. Living without the Watch was not difficult. Using my iPhone without the Apple Watch was a bummer.

Using my iPhone without the Apple Watch was a bummer.

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