I’m not meaning to single you out Izyan.
Michelle Stafford

Hello Michelle!

I have to admit a lot of the things come out ranging between a bit and a lot of shit but in defense of my pride, I regret nothing (hahahaha).

I feel the same way about writing fiction. I am so afraid everything I write comes out into garbled cliches. So I do nothing at all.

But above all, it cost nothing. I tried to draw once a day last year, posting it on instagram and it led to amazing progression, opening my eyes to perspectives and colours. And lately writing similarly has pushed me to get back to reading and articulate more things.

You could start slow, once a week. Write about anything. I guess the fact that you respond to this could be because a part of you wants to do it. I have Breen as long myself this lately, “why don’t you give yourself a chance?” ☺

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