Of “therefore so”

(and that
i am afraid to make a person
to be who they are not.) Because
i, we, people send pulses and dashes like that of
morse codes.
You, we, I take his taps, the pauses, the silences, we
usurp them together as messages;
including their astrology, birth order, 
mbti, education, dreams, laughter,
hesitancy (and all other things we could wring

We take the person they present as “if so” and complete the sentence with our interpretation
“therefore so”.

And I think one of my fears beyond my person is assuming a person. It is in the chances I let slip and the chances I am about to take. It is in the sentences I try to complete, the view I try to work beyond its periphery.

Yet, the more I know, the less I know.

The more I know about s/he, the more I know about the parts we leave behind.

The don’t ask,
don’t tell

But what are we if not walking Pandora’s chests?
holding satchels of secrets
we have never opened because that is the very essence of strong -ships, honouring each other’s space,
eradicating the illusion that we know about each other in its entirety. 
That this arbitrary, intangible -ship is made of
being able to say, “I do not want to talk about it”,
packing it into a satchel for another person’s chest,
given with eyebrows of resignation,
I have a secret and I am not ready, please wait?