The stories we repeat

I tend to repeat some stories.

via visualhunt

Repeatedly, I imagined a time when I would begin to retell everything that has happened since I was born.
Every second, every hour, every boring menial thing. Maybe some days it would simply be, “I learnt how to breathed.”

If I began today, it would take exactly 26 years 6 months and a week. Would I be repeating exactly the same story the day after? The average rate of speech is 125 words per minute.

Some minutes will take hours to describe.

Maybe 26 years is a tad ambitious. Even if I told every bit of my life and I reach the point of resetting the counter, the next round of stories would be different.

The worries at the back of your head are as real as the pot of stew you are making. At any one moment, so many things exist. At the time you are telling a story, it might be raining and you might feel differently. You can always count on mother nature for plot twists.

Note to self: it is okay to repeat stories. Some stories take a lifetime to tell.