House of Horrors, Ways and Means

by The Healing Family Group. Artwork (Heartbreaker) by Zoë

Representative Reed,

Today we read that you, as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, voted to not request Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury Department. We disagree with your vote. We think it is critically important for the American public to know what conflicts of interest Trump potentially may have with domestic and foreign interests. We understand that the law says that the President and Vice President cannot be PROSECUTED for a conflict of interest; however, this does not mean that they cannot HAVE a conflict of interest. Of course they CAN have a conflict of interest, and we believe that Trump DOES have multiple conflicts of interest. There have been numerous reports of Trump’s various business dealings which are an obvious conflict of interest (debts to Deutsche Bank, China trademark lawsuits, lease associated with the Old Post Office Hotel), in which his business interests are in direct conflict with American domestic and foreign policy. The assumption that his current business arrangements with his sons to run Trump Organization somehow distances himself from making unfettered policy decisions is ridiculous. There is no separation between Trump and Trump Organization.

We called your Washington DC office and spoke with one of your staffers to register our displeasure. When we asked why you voted to not request that Trump’s tax returns be released to the Ways and Means Committee, your staffer said that this request would “infringe upon Trump’s civil liberties and set a precedent for other tax returns to be required to be released.” We say hogwash — this is so ridiculous. Trump has made a habit since birth of being in the spotlight of every kind of public spectacle. He decided to run for President knowing that every Presidential candidate in the past 40 years has voluntarily released his tax returns. He choose a lame excuse for not doing so by stating that he was under IRS audit. We all know that the IRS does not prevent you from releasing your tax returns while you are under audit. This is just more smokescreen to obfuscate the real issue that Trump does not want anyone to know the details of his businesses and the associated taxes. If he wanted this to remain private, he could have chosen to remain a private citizen. But Trump is not a private citizen any longer. He has a higher moral and ethical standard to uphold. The American people (74% — look it up yourself) want Trump to release his tax returns. We want to have transparency so we can hold Trump accountable for his domestic and foreign policy decisions.

We are neither Democrat nor Republican, neither red nor blue. We are deep purple. What matters most to us is honesty, truth, transparency and non-partisan thought and action. Seeing this vote in the House Ways and Means Committee along party lines is a disgrace. Partisan politics should not stand in the way of honest values and ethics. You are losing us as your constituents. You are losing others around us here in NY. Your party loyalty might get you 10 feet further down the track, but in the long run it is going to get you shunted off to the side in 2018. We strongly suggest that you act upon the reasonable request of the majority of the American public and support common sense disclosure of Trump’s tax returns in the interest of our nation, not just your political party. Ultimately, you will have to answer to that majority. We sincerely hope that you try to win us back as new voters to the 23rd district of New York by supporting disclosure of Trump’s tax returns for the benefit of the entire nation.