Why you should forget about Personal Branding?

If you just want to be famous, or think you are good in fabricating stories and drafting contents to make the world believe what you are not, forget about Personal Branding.

How true/real can Personal Branding be? Is it just a curated-impression you wish people have on you? In other words, is Personal Branding fake and should we care less about it? Well, yes and no, depending on what you have in mind about “Personal Branding”.

Don’t be Fake

That’s the key to Personal Branding. If you want to fake your way through, drop this idea immediately. If you are not good in something, don’t claim it. If you don’t practise what you preach, don’t even talk about it. Trust me, I’ve seen many of “these people”

  • They are absolutely different in person as opposed to what’s portrayed online
  • Worst, they often over-promise, fail to deliver and they’ve to lie to cover for what they lack

And of course, you’ll lose yourself in no time, trying to keep up with the “brand” you set forth where everything is nothing near the real you.

Walk The Talk

Do the Real Work. Roll up your sleeves, get onto the ground and do some real shit. Do a good job and be consistent.

That’s the way to build real Personal Branding.

Some people might argue that you do not need social media to prove your worth or shout about what you’ve done. Well, I see social media as a way to impact more people with your beliefs and empower more individuals with your thoughts (whoever that believes in the same of course).

Don’t just be good writers and story-tellers. Do the Actual Work! Nothing beats word of mouth.

  • Practise what you preach, consistently
  • Treat people well
  • Be genuine
  • Speak the truth

People talk, words spread. Positive recommendations and testimonials follow you a long way. Definitely not what a well-edited photo or an interesting self-written bio could do for you.

All in all, work on yourself, do the real work & be genuine. If not, forget about Personal Branding.

— — — — —

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