Masterclass Customer Segmentation

As a fan of Masterclass, I have put together four customer segments that I thought incorporated Masterclass’s customer base. Customers have different reasons for taking a class, but I think we can classify all customers into the following buckets: Scholar, Apprentice, Fan, and the Giver.

The Scholar

The Scholar is a life long learner. They are motivated by learning. Subject matter is of less importance to them, but they do have their favorite subjects. Masterclass can attract this audience by offering original and quality lessons, taught by a wide range of domain experts. The “aha moment” for a scholar is the second when he/she learns something new.

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The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a student. They are motived by refining their craft. They hope to one day be famous, wealthy, and/or happy just like their instructor. Although the apprentice receives lots of joy from practicing their domain, they are possibly struggling or trying to evolve as a student. The “aha moment” for an apprentice is when he/she can apply something new to their craft. This may be fueled by a short term goal such as an audition, deal, sale, win, or job.

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The Fan

The Fan is an admirer of their instructor. They feel good being part of a community and sharing in the successes of their instructor. They are motivated by belonging and want to leave with an intimate experience. An insight into the celebrity’s personality and character is more important than the nature of the lesson. The “aha moment” for a fan is the moment they feel an emotional response from their instructor.

Marketing: Celebrity Fan Communities

The Giver

The Giver is a friend, parent, relative, and/or colleague. The may not be a consumer, but they do have a close relationship with them. As a gesture of goodwill, they have purchased a lesson for the giftee. The lesson is not a random gift; it was purchased with the awareness that the recipient falls into one of the three above segmentations. The “aha moment” for the giver is seeing the reaction of the giftee.

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