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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with most of your concerns and points. But my point is not to be emotional for the sake of emotions in journalism. But people need to relate to journalism in the first place and in that respect emotions are a tool in the digital space. Just like language and form of news in newspapers, radio or tv has evolved over time the presentation of news on the internet has to evolve. In this evolution the difference between ‘emotions without nutritions’ and ‘emotions with substance’ will widen like most other phenomena on the web. You could say that radicalization is the natural consequence of the reach and speed of the internet. In that sense there will be room for both serious critical journalism and the more tabloid storytelling that often times just imitate and look like journalism. The first has to work hard in order to make up for the latter. As an extra note I would assume that these forces will also make room for some radical way of the extremely serious and bold journalism that will never make it on a social network but will thrive excellent in other foras where a certain kind of user will find great pleasure in the slow and matter of fact style. But this conversation of ours is a great example of how ‘journalism can evolve into a more emotional thing just as we know from the style of blogging as you mention.

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