New beginnings

I was new to internet dating — green, even. N and I had been talking for a week or so. All very respectful but, given the nature of the place where we had ‘met’, we both knew fine well where things were going. He was older. 12 years I think, which was great because I always liked older guys.

So, after quite a few texts back and forth (no nudes — we’ll get to that soon enough) we decided to meet for a drink. It was a cold, February (or March) evening. We met in town for a drink. He was short. Almost as short as myself. Good looking, as I had gathered from the photos and a true gentleman — for now, anyway.

We had a couple of drinks at the bar and then got a taxi to the cinema. I don’t remember the name of the movie — or any of it, at all. Soon after entering the room and sitting side by side, I put the popcorn aside and moved closer to him. He kissed me as soon as I moved. The room was almost empty but, of the few people around, 2 were sitting right behind us. ‘Time to improvise’, I thought to myself.

We kept kissing. My hands exploring his torso, his going up and down my back under my top. Things were getting heated and there was no way to stop — nor did we want to. I moved my hand further south. His jacket on his lap covered my hand as much as possible so I started massaging his dick over his jeans. I could feel the erection developing as I touched him. His hands had now made their way to my breasts — he grabbed them hungrily as he kissed my neck.

I kept thinking we should stop because of the other people in the room but it felt so good that, deep down I could care less about others. So, we carried on. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I should probably go slow here and keep stroking him over his boxers but I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on his dick anymore. Feel the flesh in my bare hands.

He let a little groan out once my hands reached it. I stroked him a little more whilst trying to figure out my next move and… I decided to dive right in. I lowered my head towards it. He got the message so placed his coat over my head and… I only stopped when we came. I cleaned my mouth before returning to my seat and tried to watch whatever was left of the film.

Were we done? Not quite! We got another taxi back to town — not getting our hands and mouths off each other in the mean time — and he then decided to walk me home. Could we have chosen the main, lit, quick way to mine? Yes. Did we? Nope. He took me down a alleyway I knew as I sometimes used it as a shortcut to town (during the day only). Stopped halfway and I gave him another blowjob, this time where I like it the most — on my knees.

People walked past. They could probably hear us but not see us. Not a lot would stop us then. He went down on me too, to say thank you I guess. I was never a fan of receiving oral, even less when I’m standing in the cold but I wouldn’t say no.

We met again the following week for some more outdoor fun, which was even more exciting.

And again the following week at his apartment, for sex and pizza. I hardly touched the pizza… And I could barely walk the following day.

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