Innovating at the edge

Between the fjords and the mountains the Enoro teams have innovated at the edge of the market and at the edge the industry. Because people living along the fjords and in the mountains were demanding customers.

It is interesting to reflect on the rural settings of our early beginnings. Decades ago, when we first started, we at Enoro came across a farmer who had a river running through his land. The river generated hydropower for the grid, yet he was paying for his electricity. He was a prosumer before the word was even coined. And he wasn’t the only one. Farmers like him were scattered across the country.

So how would the utility provider calculate his electricity bill?

Talking to the farmer, Enoro took the challenge before the utility provider. We created software that helped calculate the accurate bill for those who both use and generate electricity.

Our proximity to the customer helped us see a need, and inspired us to develop new software. Today this software has been improved and can be adopted for prosumers worldwide

Innovation often happens at the edge of society.

I believe there are three ways we progress and inspire innovation:

We progress when we poke at status quo. The Internet of Things and Big Data have changed the entire business model in our industry through mobile and cloud-based solutions, smart meters and real-time analysis.

To stay relevant and resilient tomorrow, utility companies need to change how they operate today. What services will utilities provide their customers with tomorrow, so that the customers will remain their customers?

We will progress when we make big promises. Norway is the first country to commit to zero deforestation. On May 24 2016 Norway pledged to ban any products in its supply chain that contributes to the deforestation of rainforests through the government’s public procurement policy.

Norway has also committed to eliminate petrol cars by 2050. And we have already started. 30% of the new car sales in 2015 were electric vehicles and Norway has the highest density of Tesla cars. These are both big promises that will require big changes.

We will make progress when policy makes the promises real. When the big promises lead to big decisions. Technology is increasing energy efficiency and now we need efficient policies that reflect this development. These dramatic changes in the marketplace require not only changes to pan-European policies, but changes to national policies.

We need modern and forward-thinking regulatory bodies, not more red tape bureaucracy

It’s time to progress, so let’s go to the edge. Push the edge. And innovate. Because that is how we will create positive change and overcome the big challenges Ahead.