Winding down The Brodown


We set out to launch an experiment in writing the news for guys and, after a tough decision, are winding things down.

As of today, we’re putting The Brodown on an indefinite hiatus.

It’s disappointing to write this, but we feel that The Brodown has gotten to a point where we can no longer support it with the resources required to deliver a reliable product to our readers.

Our goal was always to deliver a quality piece of journalism, albeit in a light-hearted package, and to help make the average guy more aware of what’s going on in the world.

I’d like to think we achieved that goal for our readers over the last several months.

We are evaluating what to do with The Brodown going forward, but at this point in time the team is moving their focus to other projects.

Thank you to those who supported us.

It meant a lot.

— Anders

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