Well, we don’t. Although IPFS is mentioned once in the ENS documentation (in the intro) there is no code that makes integration possible.
Ten terrible attempts to make the Inter Planetary File System human-friendly
Mark Pors

I think this part has to be updated, it is possible to use the ENS Public Resolver (contract: 0x5FfC014343cd971B7eb70732021E26C35B744cc4) with the function “content” to resolve and function setContent to setup it with a Content hash. This is an easy Dapp to use https://monkybrain.github.io/ipfs-to-ens/ the same developer have done an ENS Content extension to Google Chrome for resolving IPFS content in .eth addresses https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ens-content-resolver/ifgfopmoihnnicfgcpafgibiinfkodjf

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