Modern Age Solution for Female Hair Loss

What will you do when, one fine day, you notice your ponytail has become shockingly thin? Will you scream with horror or will you take the sensible step of bringing home Keranique? Well, you can begin by doing the former; but you must end up by doing the latter.

Why Keranique?

The brand has this amazing Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Spray for Women. It is designed keeping in mind female pattern baldness, which is different from male baldness. Women hardly ever go bald; men do. Women experience diffused shedding of hair that is characterized by hair falling evenly from the entire scalp. This gives them their mane the thinning appearance.

Keranique’s treatment for hair regrowth is formulated to address diffused shedding. So, all you ladies out there with thinning hair — it is celebration time! Now you have the ultimate solution in hand.

The treatment comes in spray form; so it is easy to use. Besides, spray contains finer droplets of the formula. This signifies a concentrated form of the formula. You can expect better and quicker absorption of the formulation by the scalp.

For the maximum results

Expert suggestion: Use the treatment along with using Keranique shampoo & hair products. This is because each product of the brand is designed to address thinning hair issue. They also address other common hair woes like split ends, damaged hair texture, flaky scalp, dry hair, malnourished scalp, and others.

When you use Keranique’s collection along with its hair treatment you give your tresses complete rejuvenation. It is like a package of solutions.

What’s special about Keranique’s hair regrowth treatment?

  • The treatment uses medically-acclaimed compound minoxidil. This compound is known for its hair-growing property. Research shows that 2 per cent minoxidil works miraculously on female scalps.
  • The treatment is approved by the FDA. This makes it safer and more reliable than other hair loss treatments available in the market.
  • The treatment is suitable for use on all types of hair. It is not hair type specific. It suits well on oily hair, dry hair, curly hair, and straight hair.
  • The treatment is topical in nature; so is easy to use. You are saved from complicated clinical procedures.
  • The treatment is easily available online. You also avail of bonus gifts while ordering the Keranique Hair Regrowth system.
  • You can perform it at home in complete discretion. Why let the world know about your hair thinning problem?

Things to remember

Although the spray is safe to use, pregnant and breastfeeding women must refrain from going in for a minoxidil-infused treatment, according to doctors.

The spray is meant for direct application to scalp — no hassles, no mess.

Always use the spray on clean scalp for better absorption. Use gentle strokes of the fingertips to distribute the formula evenly after application.

You must follow the instructions mentioned on the label of the product to get the desired result. Consistency in usage and correct usage of product are important.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Spray is for Women who hate to surrender to their hair thinning fate. They believe in fighting. They are determined to get back their fuller, healthy mane. Keranique is the modern age brand for the modern women who have faith in themselves and in the modern hair care technology. If you are one such lady and are suffering from thinning hair condition, you know what to do, right? offers Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Spray for Women. Log on to the site to get details on Keranique shampoo & hair products and to place an order.