Spray “Magic” On Your Mane with Keranique!

Hair loss is common among females of the modern world. The problem is growing so rapidly that, today, millions of women are suffering from this disastrous hair condition with not a clue of tackling it.

If you are one of them, you must be busy trying various methods to curb your abnormal hair loss. Although the loss of 90–100 strands per day is okay, losing hair in locks of 150–200 strands at a time is definitely unacceptable. It is not only damaging to hair beauty, but also to the self-esteem of a woman.

The solution comes in a spray

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Spray for Women is a promising solution for stubborn hair loss, according to experts. It contains 2 per cent minoxidil, which is a powerful hair-growing compound, as per medical research.

The FDA has granted its approval for use in hair loss products. Now, when the FDA gives the nod the compound is supposed to be potent and mean business. So, experts advise women to not ignore this spray thinking it to be just any other spray on the market shelf.

Well, firstly, you won’t see this spray on a regular market shelf. Exclusive products are found at exclusive places. You must visit either Keranique’s official website or specially assigned sites that sell the brand’s products.

Secondly, Keranique is for women who wish to undergo serious hair regrowth treatment. Although you do not need doctor’s prescription to use the treatment, you must consult a doctor in case you suffer from kidney or heart disease. Also, this treatment is not for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies.

Thirdly, please use the treatment only if you are serious about your hair loss condition. The treatment requires a persistent and determined approach. It is possible that you may not find anything appreciable happening on your mane initially. This should not dishearten you. It takes time to get results … and more time to get the complete results.

How to use the spray

The formulation comes packed in a user-friendly spray that contains the leading ingredients in concentrated form.

• Spray six pumps directly on clean scalp.
• Massage gently with finger tips. 
• Do not rinse. 
• Do this two times a day. 
• Please do not use more than the recommended dosage, as minoxidil can be harmful in large amounts. 
• You must use the spray regularly for 4–5 months to see the desired results. 
• Always wash hands thoroughly after using the spray.

When hope arrives in a spray…

Millions of women are baffled by their hair loss problem. They don’t seem to know why it’s happening. Biological episodes like pregnancy and menopause trigger hair loss, but that is a temporary phase.

In case your hair loss seems to be permanent and you have no underlying medical reason to trigger hair loss, you must turn towards Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Spray for Women, suggest experts.

Two key results that women see after using the spray regularly:

• Stoppage in abnormal hair loss
• Increase in fullness and quality of mane.

This suggests normalization of hair growth cycle; but it takes time and you need to be patient with the treatment.

So, if you are ready to put in a few minutes of your time daily, a fuller and healthier mane is soon going to be a reality for you. It is hard to get a solution so easy to use (spray form) and so easy to get (online) elsewhere.

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