What Happens To Hair during Color Treatment and How to Undo the Damage

Streaks, highlights, and more… it is fun to color hair, right? If you think hair color simply sits on your hair and stains them, you are wrong. The color breaks into your hair and penetrates deeply. You must first remove your natural hair color and then let the new color take its place. For this the color breaks into hair’s natural protection — cuticle.

That’s the reason color treatment is damaging to hair, say experts. You must invest in a shampoo and conditioner designed especially for color-treated hair before you color them. Keranique Color Boost Scalp Revitalizing keratin conditioner and shampoo are said to do wonders to color-treated hair.

This is what happens to your hair when you color them

Ammonia present in hair color swells or lifts up hair cuticles. This lets in molecules of color. The chemical increases the hair’s pH level, which leads to the opening of cuticles.

Once the cuticles are open or broken, the barrier or protection is gone. Peroxide present in hair color can easily enter the hair shaft and break down the natural pigment. This chemical is drying in nature and renders the hair rough, say experts. If tresses are not taken care of properly, they can become like straw.

Once the natural color goes away, it makes room for new color. The new color dye bonds with the hair cortex. The color formulation is actually a string of chemicals, according to experts. They begin as tiny monomers or molecules, which can penetrate hair shafts. Once they enter the shaft, molecules react with each other to form bigger ones called polymers. They are too big to be washed off your hair. They stick to your tresses and give your hair the new color and look.

This is an intense process that cuts through the protection and the protein bonds of hair provided by Mother Nature. Now your hair strands are all exposed and vulnerable to damage. They are likely to become weaker and rougher if you fail to care for them after the color treatment.

It is a fact, say experts, that color-treated hair require extra care and protection because their natural protection is gone and, now, you must care for them like you would a baby.

Keranique Color Boost Scalp Revitalizing keratin conditioner and shampoo are ideal products for such hair, according to hair experts and salon stylists. Keranique’s products are at the top of the list of preferred products for hair care. The products harbor the True Tone Technology. It protects the hair and repairs the damage. Using these products on color treated hair helps to maintain depth of color and shine of hair.

Your mane already subjected to rough treatment during coloring; now you don’t want it to subject to harsh sulfate-laden shampoos and conditioners, do you?

What about ammonia-free hair colors?

They are a bit gentler to hair; but they still damage hair. You must open hair cuticles to let the color set in. The very step of opening or lifting up cuticles is destructive, say experts. Instead of ammonia, the color contains ethanolamine, which lifts up cuticles not completely, but to quite an extent.

Moreover, ammonia-free colors wash out faster. This means frequent salon visits. This means more incidents of cuticle opening! Ammonia or no ammonia, you must invest in shampoo and conditioner from brand Keranique that’s designed especially for women. They are formulated keeping in mind the damage rendered to hair during various salon treatments, including color treatment. 
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