I Interrupt My Regularly Scheduled Post…

I had a sad few moments in which I was worried for you. The next sentences were a relief except for being of less service to my greed for your work.

I understand. In some ways I’m like you (except for the part about finding a supportive relationship, which is a cardinal subject for this note because me). It seems you caught the risk of becoming someone to worry for very early. Good. Thunderpuff needs sanity as much as anyone.

Now I should lighten the mood with something less mawkish. Do my part to suck the air back into the room. I am a trained comedian; I have the t-shirt. Wait for it… h’m. I don’t have to show up for work until 10:30. It disappoints, but by now they know what is in store for them when I start to glare. Keep them in line, so important when a man has his mission. Siri, set an alarm for 9:45 so I can wear clothes. Let me ponder…

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a zipper? An elephant that runs up and down the front of your pants.

Not quite, but it is high time to resurrect elephant jokes. Fresh generation, expand their perspective by tempering their thoughts with the very best of their heritage and what have you. In the century to come we could do with a fund of talent that isn’t so… millennial. At such times we can rely on Art to redouble its traditional support for social progress. We could recruit Chevy Chase to set the example that old roots are the strongest. I need not remind you of the observations of G. K. Chesterton.

There. Have I soothed you? I feel soothed — do you feel soothed? I feel soothed. And encouraged. Progress comes one at a time. If I should work on you a bit more let me know. I am remarkably willing to serve. There are more important things than frolic.