While you were brunching vol. 2 (3/27)

EBITDA with a side of local greens

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

The Energy Economy 10:

  1. “I’m peaking!” CA grid hit 56.7% peak percentage of demand served by renewables on 3/23, approximately 60% of which was from solar. (California Independent Systems Operator Twitter)
  2. This milestone makes sense — the chilly spring generates a lot of sun but doesn’t require much AC or cause other grid spikes — but may lead to curtailment, negative pricing and legislative complications. (Jeff St. John, Green Tech Media)
  3. Texas, home state of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, socialized the cost of transmission wires and is now 4th largest wind producer in the world (Ari Shapiro and Matt Ozug, All Things Considered)
  4. Google’s Project Sunlight maps the potential for residential solar and it is HUGE (Joel Conkling, Google)
  5. NRG integrating SunEdison assets & investing in community solar despite pressures to cut costs from activist investors (Mark Chediak and Brian Eckhouse, The Economist)
  6. PE Group Northern Pacific buys bankrupt solar specialist Sungevity for a song (PR Newswire)
  7. Geely Auto, the parent company of Volvo, invested $374 million into manufacturing EVs for London’s Taxi Market. London’s diesel taxis will go green by 2020 and look tight (Jess Shankleman, Bloomberg)
  8. A boatload of money is at stake in the $400 billion asset backed loans freight market. Low shipping rates and overcapacity imperil outstanding debt and much needed efficiency and pollution reform — 15 of the worlds largest ships emit more nitrogen and sulfur oxides than all of the worlds cars combined (The Economist)
  9. We’re gonna have to cut carbon emissions a lot, and then some more, and then some more, and then do a lot of other crazy things in order to realize the Paris Climate goals (Brad Plumer, Vox Media)
  10. Or else we are gonna burn, a lot (Heidi Cullen, New York Times)
I got grapes

For Fun 5:

  1. Punching people in the face is the most efficient way to burn calories (James Tozer, 1843/The Economist)
  2. You may not be an ultrarunner but you can listen to playlists like an ultrarunner (Martin Fritz Huber, Outside Magazine)
  3. Pinot is gauche, try these 12 esoteric wine grapes instead (Eric Asimov, New York Times)
  4. I am 74% cool and 26% lame, how cool are you?(Buzzfeed)
  5. Successful person on why his life is awesome: Venture Capitalist Steve Schlafman of RRE Ventures on the deeper motivations of venture investing (Medium)
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