We all have a ‘friend’ who has an extremely overcrowded (to say the least) Watch Later playlist on the beloved YouTube. Here’s a way for you to use invasive methods to save your ‘friend’ from their hoarding addiction against his/her will.

Step 1: On your desktop browser, open YouTube and make your way to your ‘Watch Later’ playlist.
Step 2: On the Watch Later playlist page, click the three (3) vertical dots right above the ‘Add Videos’ button.
Step 3: Click the ‘Add all to…’ option. Create a new playlist and add all the videos to that newly created playlist.
Step 4: Now, navigate to your (Insert Playlist Created In Step 3 Name Here) playlist and find the three (3) vertical dots again just like in Step 3 above.
Step 5: Click the dots, select the ‘Add all to…’ option and then UNCHECK the box next to your original ‘Watch Later’ playlist. Now your ‘Watch Later’ playlist is completely empty.
Step 6 (OPTIONAL): Delete the (Insert Playlist Created In Step 3 Name Here) playlist.

VOILA! No more overcrowded ‘Watch Later’ playlist for your ‘friend’.

Hope this helped someone out.

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