It is an adorable Icelandic website that has so far featured 3 cat families. They only feature rescued cats and the main focus is to find them a home when they’re old enough. Right now they have a cream tabby momma and her 5 kittens.

(I am in no way affiliated I just think it’s so adorable and want to share)

They take in stray pregnant cats, you can watch them give birth and watch the babies grow. Then once the mom is ready she gets spayed and re-homed and so do the babies. This mom just had her babies like three days ago, they’re so wee and adorable!

They are fantastic, and the rescue owner is very involved. They show not only the joy of raising these kittens, but also push the importance of giving cats a chance. There’s no such thing as a bad kitten cam, but this one definitely gets my vote as the best.

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