Fenix 2 Tools

I’ve been using the Fenix 2 wrist device from Garmin for close to two months now to record my training and I love the thing. The Fenix 2 paired with the HRM-Run™ strap is a versatile training tool and I keep tweaking its settings to get the most useful feedback both during training as well as afterwards. Because its a Garmin device I keep a log at Garmin Connect here, but I’ve also started using other web platforms such as Strava, and TrainingPeaks.

The features of Fenix 2 are numerous and I decided to write about maybe some of the less well known ones. With a couple of clicks on the side-buttons to navigate to the Tools menu, 10 different tools are found

Sure, you can probably read through the user manual to find out how they are used but who reads manuals, I’m not even sure where mine is. I did some searching and guessing on what the tools are and how they are meant to be used.

1. Mark Point

It doesn’t take a genus to figure out what this is. You can mark a point and tag it with a symbol, name, a note, elevation/depth and coordinates. A marked point can later be used as the destination for your next hike for example.

2. Satellite

This one will display the satellites the device is connected to, along with signal strength. There is even a map with distances between the device and satellites. Satellite connectivity is obviously very central to using a Garmin device and maybe this menu have very little value for normal usage but its worth knowing that the handheld device stores information about satellite positions. Each time training data is uploaded to Garmin Connect, satellite positions for the next three days are also downloaded to the device. Keeping up-to-date satellite information the device makes it faster to connect next time an activity is started.

3. Project Wpt

This means Project Waypoint and lets you to manually enter a waypoint. Bearing and distance is entered to project a waypoint based on your current location. Might be useful if you feel like wandering of in the unknown and stay on track.

4. Sun & Moon

This is a calendar for Sunrise/Sunset, and Moonrise/Moonset, there’s also a visual picture of the current lunar phase. I’ve heard fishermen pay attention to the moon phase but I’m a sun lover and early morning training is easier when the sun is already over the horizon.

5. Hunt & Fish

An indication of Hunting and Fishing conditions for a given day on a scale of Poor, Average, Good, and Excellent, and best time for hunting and fishing activities. Exactly how this works is unknown to me, I’m neither a fisher or hunter, but some forum poster posted this link.

6. Area Calc

With this tool area can be measured by moving along its perimeter. Supports the most common area units: sqfeet, sqmeters, sqkm, sqmiles and acres, hectares.

7. Wpt. Avg

Tool number seven and the other items below in the list are perhaps not as easy to guess the meaning of. Number seven is Waypoint Average and is a tool that lets you average (read fine-tune) a saved waypoint or marked point. Now this requires some explanation.

For a consumer grade GPS device waypoints are measured with a 20–30 feet accuracy. For most intents this is accurate enough but the waypoint averaging allows you to improve this. A waypoint can be averaged by remaining stationary for a period period and allow the device to take multiple measurement thus coming up with a waypoint marking with higher accuracy.

8. MOB

Man Over Board, or short MOB, is an emergency situation while being at sea. On the Fenix2 when MOB is selected, the GPS automatically marks a waypoint at the current location and allow you to select “Go To” and be directed to the location where the MOB occurred. With a waypoint set three pieces of information are displayed on the watch face:

  1. ETE (Estimated time enroute or time left)
  2. Distance to waypoint
  3. ETA (Estimated time of arrival)

9. Active Route

Did you guess this one? Active route will indicate if the device bearer is traveling along a route, i.e. a set of waypoints previously entered, or if the bearer if off-track.

10. Jump Master

The last option in the tools menu is the Jump Master, and it has three sub-options, HAHO (High Altitude High Opening), HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) and Static. This is for skydivers and parachute jumpers, military or not. Their names give away little of the meaning but for a short explanation this page may be useful.

These are the tools on my Fenix 2 from Garmin with software version 4.0.0