Vexillum Dominus: Ελλάδα

Despite needing the rest of the Eurozone to bail their ass out every time they go broke Greece is an excellent country. Their long history is full of rich tales of heroism (THIS IS SPARTA!!!), elaborate mythology, and massive contributions to world culture and democracy. I had the great pleasure of spending a week on the Greek Island of Crete this last summer with a few friends. From the minute, we got there it was a complete blast. Almost every single meal we had was amazing Greek food, spirits, and beer. To top it all off it was extremely affordable, especially after spending a few days in Norway before we flew to the island. Several times we could see the fighter jets ripping over our heads to go bomb the shit out of ISIS. The island was also the supposed birthplace of Zeus the Greek god.

Their flag is based on nine equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white. The blue canton sports a white cross which symbolizes the Eastern Orthodox Christianity that is practice in the nation. The flag was officially adopted in January of 1822, they went bankrupt a few days later (jk). The nine stripes represent the Greek phrase known as “Freedom or Death”. Now that is some King Leonidas symbolism right there folks.

Movie Time:

Watch 300. Everyone has seen it, but it is still literally one of the best action movies ever made. Most know the story of the Battle of Thermopylae where King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) takes his personal guard of three hundred Spartans to fend off the one million strong Persian army/navy bearing down upon their nation. Take a break from finals and go watch the Greeks throw stuff at the Persians instead of the riot police.

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