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Mongolian Flag

It’s time for some Mongol flag action! Mongolia is one of my favorite countries in the world for many reasons: They had one of the most badass Empires that the planet has ever seen, awesome flora & fauna, beautiful landscapes, and their intriguing nomadic lifestyle. Mongolia has been around for a long time often butting heads with their neighbors. Since pre-historic times they have been living a nomadic lifestyle constantly moving around to search for and better hunting grounds. They were so gnarly that the Chinese Emperor said screw these dudes we are going to build a wonder of the world just to keep you guys out. The Chinese were so scared of them that at one time there was over 300,000 men stationed at the wall.

Mongolians keep messing up his wall

Turning to the banner of the Modern Mongols, it consists of three solid bars red, blue, and red respectively. On the left of the banner it depicts the Soyombo, there are several symbolic meanings for the character although overall it basically stands for the country of Mongolia. One very commonly known symbol that is within the character is the yin & yang sign. The blue is the center stands for the eternal blue sky wrapped by the red which depicts Mongolians ability to survive their harsh environment.

Oh and by the way Mongolia is also home to the extremely rare Gobi Bear check this dude out.

Gobi Bear posted up bein a boss

TV Time:

Kublai & Marco

One of the best shows that depicts Mongolia is of course Marco Polo, which is produced by Netflix. Overall there aren’t really too many big-name actors in this series, but its excellent!!! I am stoked for the next season because this show blends together old world battles, cultural collisions, assassinations, the Silk Road, and some sweet character development. The show centers on the characters of Kublai Khan (ruler of Mongolia) & Marco Polo (famous Italian explorer). The young Marco finds himself in the dead center of the Mongolian Royal Court with all of its drama and madness.

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