Vexillum Dominus: इंडिया

The beautiful banner of the country of India is characterized by a tricolor color scheme with the Ashoka Chakra (a 24 spoked wheel). The wheel in the center is what really sets this flag apart with its amazing navy blue color set against a white field. The flag was adopted in 1947, after those British Imperialist bastards finally decided to screw off back to their little island. The Empire has slowly been losing their grip over their colonies ever since they lost the 13 Colonies to the most badass group of revolutionaries in modern times. Interestingly enough the original flag code that governed the usage of the national flag prohibited regular citizens from flying it except on national holidays. This has got to be one of the oddest flag regulations I have heard of so far.

Indian National Flag

To go a little more in-depth on the spinning wheel, it was actually Gandhi’s idea in 1921 to have that featured on the flag. The wheel symbolizes Gandhi’s goal of making India self-reliant by producing their own garments. It’s cool that he did so much work to release his nation from the yoke of tyranny that the despotic English had them under and was able to contribute to the main symbol of their nation that is still used today.


TV Time with Ders:

Today’s recommendation doesn’t connect with Bollywood or anything like that, but the plot involves the country of India quite prominently. The HBO Series The Brink features many prominent actors including the beloved Jack Black who plays a low level State Department employee in Pakistan. All together the show features three different avenues that revolve around the same plot: The charismatic and sexual deviant Secretary of State Walter Larson, two Navy fighter pilots, and Jack Black on the ground in Islamabad. The flow and connectivity of the characters along with the immense humor involved even as a nuclear crisis is unfolding is quite superb. I was incredibly upset that this show was not picked up for a second season, but it is still worth a gander.

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