Vexillum Dominus: Brasil

In this blog post I’m going to spout off about the recent Summer Olympic host, Brazil. We all know that this country is filled with a vibrant cornucopia of cultures, cuisine, sports, etc, but wow was the Olympics a bungled mess. From the raw sewage being pumped into the bay that all the rowers had to race in, to the diving pool that turned the color of death, and let’s not forget the head of security for the Olympics was mugged at knifepoint…wow. This was also the first-time golf was in the Olympics since 1904 and hardly any of the big name professional golfers bothered to show up over health and security concerns.

Okay enough with the Olympics let’s get to probably the coolest flag of all of the South American nations. The flag is characterized by a stark green field with a yellow diamond shape that sports a dark blue depiction of the night’s sky. The stars in the view of the sky are different constellations that represent the different states within Brazil. Overall the design is very precise as it has 27 different stars that have to be place in exactly the right spots in order to match the layout of the constellations they represent. It is one of the hardest national flags in the world to construct due to its complexity. The banner that runs across the globe states “Ordem e Progresso” which translates to “order and progress” in English. Even though these guys can’t hold an Olympics to save their lives they can make a pretty cool flag.

TV time with Dersy:

Today’s recommendation sets their third season in the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro. Lillyhammer is an American-Norwegian Netflix series that revolves around a mob boss who in turn for witness protection testifies against a fellow mobster. After holding up his end of the bargain he is relocated to the frosty city of Lillehammer in Norway. Soon after his arrival Steven van Zandt’s character essentially begins his own mafia organization running a club, driving around a range rover, and even having children. After three seasons it has been dropped by Netflix, but is still a very viable option for anyone looking for a unique laugh!

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