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Egyptian Flag

Starting out as my first African nation on my flag blog is Egypt, one of the oldest countries in the modern world. For thousands of years these guys have been building insane monuments, enslaving people, making mummies, and crafting excellent cotton! Their rich history has fascinated the world for hundreds of years, with the discovery of King Tut and the unearthing of the sphinx. Their nation has also been fresh in the minds of many around the world since the Arab Spring and the advent of social media, we literally witnessed people mobbing through the rioting crowd on camelback. As well as having a couple of their last dictators be deposed and put in prison.

The flag is separated into three different horizontal bands red, white, and black. At the center of the white section of the flag is the Eagle of Saladin. The eagle is associated with Saladin because it was believed to have been carved into the wall of the Cairo Citadel during his reign. Palestine, Iraq, and Egypt bear this symbol on their flags.

Previous flags depicted the Islamic crescent moon and star, similar to the flags of other Muslim majority nations around the world. Before 1984 they used the Federation of Arab Republics flag that was very similar, but was then slightly changed when the group dissolved that year. Abusing the flag in any way can be a punishable offence, as well as abusing other nations flags.

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