Vexillum Dominus: Hibernia

Irish Flag

Why did god invent whiskey?

Grab your bottle and your AK-47 its time to go to Ireland. This time on Vexillum Dominus we are going to be going over the colorful nation of Ireland. Overall the flag of Ireland is a bit boring and doesn’t lend much to the world of flags. Its basic tricolor design of green white and orange sort of reminds me of a watered down Italian flag. The green is supposed to symbolize their older Gaelic heritage and traditions. Orange is representative of William of Orange (essentially a boring old king that lived on an island) and the white stands for a lasting truce between the previous two.

Besides kissin the blarney stone and throwing back Irish car bombs. The Irish Republican Army is one of the most fascinating aspects of the country. You wouldn’t think that a group of whiskey drunk wankers could throw together an armed movement against the British government spanning two centuries. I mean when us Americans wanted out from under the yoke of our Anglican forefathers it only took us about a decade. One guy named Gandhi even got the British to fuck off by being a great leader and not eating for long periods of time. Besides all of that the IRA was a serious group of freedom fighters (one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter). Back in the 60’s the British fire upon a bunch of its own citizens sparking massive outrage and a huge campaign by the IRA included retaliation such as bombings, raids, sniping and much more.

Creepy Irish Terrorist

So the Irish would never rule the world!

Movie Time:

Looking back to a beautiful Tom Clancy and Harrison Ford classic is the action-packed Patriot Games. Jack Ryan (Ford) is at it again getting himself into crazy international adventures and pissing off another group of trained murderers. This time Jack is speaking at a guest lecture in London when the IRA happens to try to take out members of the royal family just down the block from him. In typical Ford fashion, he totally puts a wrench in their drunken plans and saves the day!