Vexillum Dominus Special: War Flags

For most countries around the world they have an active military force that is ready to deal death to an enemy at a moments notice, except for the French they just go on a cigarette break when anyone comes knocking. Most branches of the military for the various countries that have them usually have their own flags, but many nations also have a variant of their national flag that they fly during times of war. This is known as a battle or war flag. For the most part its just a slight variation of the country’s regular banner. The naval equivalent is an ensign. Although for the US we don’t really need another variant because we are constantly at war lol.

Regular Georgian Flag
Georgian War Flag

Too bad they only flew this bad boy for about 3 hours before Putin kicked in their front door.

Indian National Flag
Indian War Flag

I wonder if they fly these on the Kashmir Border to piss off the other side.

North Korean Flag
Tiny just like Kim Jong Un’s weiner
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