This is what Apple should tell you when you lose your iPhone
Joonas Kiminki

My phone was stolen a few weeks ago in Barcelona.

I put the phone in lost mode and put my friends phone number in as contact if someone was to find it.

He got the same scam e-mail stating that the phone has been found and could be picked up at the closest checkout point.

I also noticed that the DNS was fishy as hell. or something similar to that. And that the domain name was just a few days old. And that it also wasn’t encrypted.

After I few days I remote wiped it. I have now a new phone but they keep sending me SMS messages to my old number (guess they could see the number from the SIM card. Or maybe that it shows on the remote wiped phone). Because I keep getting messages. Always with a new adress and some bogus reason like someone is remote syncing my photostream etc. The english is always semi-bad in the SMS. But the website looks really good both on phone and in the web browser.

One day I got 10 messages. Both trough SMS and iMessage (reported as spam to Apple).

But 2 days ago I also got one written in the most broken Swedish (google translate, bad version). I just laughed.

I feel good that they will never be able to use my phone. But I do hate spam… so :)

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