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Jan 19, 2017 · 4 min read

Every 10 years or so, in a terribly Dr Who fashion, Andertons metamorphoses and a new logo appears. Since the 1960s it’s been blue and since the 90s it’s had a big ol’ circular loop around it. But no more…

After working closely with The Pull Agency for a number of months we’re super stoked to be rolling out the biggest rebrand in our 53 year history.

The first iteration of the new logo type including Creative Director Darren Cornwall’s notes. The lighting bolt was iterated to a more compact flourish in the final logotype.

We asked Pull to better reflect our personality and values in our branding…

We had a number of challenges: conflicting brand identities, too corporate to be a real reflection of what people love about making music, and a feeling throughout the company that the visual branding didn’t represent the true personality of the company that Andertons has grown into.

Pull worked with customers and Andertons staff from all areas of the business to understand what is the personality of the brand? What makes Andertons distinctive?

The new 2016 logotype (left) besides the previous logo, first used in 2008


It starts off with being a family run business, founded in 1964 by Harry and Peter Anderton. So the new branding had to reflect a heritage of over 50 years. The new Logotype leans heavily on inspiration from classic hand drawn branding of the 50s and 60s but with a consideration for being used in a wide variety of contexts.

…With Modern Considerations

Pull also did something Andertons has never done before: developed an icon. Icons have become more and more important in branding as more often than not the space you have to brand a social media account or app is either a square or a circle, neither conducive to working well with a traditional logotype.

Greater differentiation for departments

One of the challenges facing shops like Andertons is picking out branding that looks great no matter what department. The danger is if you make stuff too guitary then drummers won’t identify with it and vice verse.

The A icon was developed to be flexible enough to accommodate department specific variations, and in the future other variations for different things like our YouTube channel…

Roll-out plan

With a rebrand of this size it would have be incredibly difficult to launch everything all at once so we’ll be rolling out the new branding over 2017, and we know what you’re thinking but don’t worry… it’s not all black and white. What we’re showing you here is the core components: the logo and the icons. They’re shown in black and white not because they’ll always been in black and white but rather to show that they could actually go anywhere, on anything, in any colour (within reason!)

Stay tuned and in another post we’ll share some more detailed examples as we roll them out (including some colour!) but for now here are some other artists impressions of the new branding in context…

Early carrier bag concepts (we thought these were pretty cool!)
Demand for t-shirts and other branded merchandise has risen over the last couple of years so it was important the new branding looked great t-shirts, hoodies etc
The rebranding isn’t just visual — a large part of the project was enhancing the shopping experience including better in store signage to help customers navigate the busy store.
It’s not always been obvious from the previous 2008 branding that Andertons is a family run business with over 50 years of heritage, so Pull drew up concepts of including heritage touches throughout the store and website.

T-Shirts featuring the new branding are available now from

Andertons Music

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Over 50 years as the Musician’s No.1 Superstore.

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