What’s next in the #MeToo conversation?
marjorie steele

I deeply appreciate your call for inclusivity and I want to expand on that just a bit….

There is a strong current of allies in the transgender community who regardless of gender identity before/during/or after “transition” continue to face oppression and sexual aggression at the hands of patriarchal power actors (mostly cis-men). The inclusivity piece goes beyond including cis-men because your transmen allies were all socialized to respond to the world as women and have had to carve out a masculinity the integrates the feminine socialization.

Its these words that resonate the clearest and strongest for me personally, and until this is true for everyone, this struggle will always be about power and weaponizing sex & gender by holding power over another:

Yes: what does it mean to be masculine? What is it about masculine that is good, and essential to our humanity?

The key to true gender equity is for everyone along the spectrum of gender to celebrate and explore their identities positively.

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