Samsung Leaves a Noteworthy Gap

Yes, the title has a bad pun in it.

It’s officially official — Samsung has ceased production of the Note 7, wants all of them back, and is going to dispose of them*. In this recall-to-end-all-recalls, which will cost Samsung reportedly upwards of 2 billion dollars. I can only assumed the melted down parts will be placed in a bomb-proof container and thrown into the Sun.

Good riddance.

The Note 7’s story has gone from “Ooh, look, an iris scanner! I’ll totally use that!” and “Hey, those new stylus features and waterproofing are actually pretty nice!” to “What’s that smell? Is-IS MY FREAKING PHONE ON FIRE?” and “Sorry everyone on the plane — I DO have a Note 7 and that’s why we haven’t taken off yet.” Despite Samsung doing it’s best to get out in front of the problem and issue their own recall and replacement program before governmental mandates to do so, the damage to the company’s image is done. As I’ve said in the past, the damage to the Note brand will be fatal. I sincerely doubt that we’ll ever see another Note phone ever again.

But, if you’re looking for a new phone, a supposedly great phone, and one that isn’t the Galaxy S7 Edge, Google might have a phone for you.

See, in case you didn’t hear already, they released their own line of phones. The larger of the two, the Pixel XL, doesn’t have waterproofing, a stylus, or expandable memory, but it will get Android updates, monthly security patches and put you on the cutting edge of smartphone technology.

Something to think about while you pack up your Note 7.

*Assuming of course that people actually return the damn things. There are reports that Samsung is sending out fireproof packaging to safely return the Note 7 and there are still people out there who refuse to acknowledge the risk in still having one of these phones in your pocket. People like Josh Dicky, a writer at Mashable, who as absolutely shit logic for keeping his Note 7. Please, please, PLEASE send it back.