Truly The Best Burger in London (Thus Far)

Elliot’s Café, 12 Stoney Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AD.

I have tried a lot of different burgers in London. In 2013 I was obsessed with them, trying the most gourmet burger each new burger joint offered. I even went to a few lesser known places, following claims that they housed the fabled “best burger in London”. Of course, they were simply wrong.

Then one day I came across Elliot’s Café on the web, a restaurant near London Bridge which had a lone cheeseburger on the menu. Wherever I looked on the web, it got nothing but full marks: 5/5, 100%, 10/10. Perfect results, if you will. The mathematics were sound.

I swiftly organised a gathering there and headed on down one Friday lunchtime. I have no recollection of who I was with, or what we talked about. I can only speculate that the impending pleasure temporarily neutralised all the neurones in my brain that didn’t process the taste sensation. The burger arrived. On first sight, it didn’t look much. So much smaller and less impressive than what you get in the burger joints, but on closer inspection you could see it was just pure class. The first bite was ridiculous and this is almost certainly how I described it at the time. The meat falls apart in your mouth, like a soft steak tartare, but with all the juiciness of a classic American sloppy burger. I instantly knew this was the one. The bun was also fantastic, perfectly soft, but it didn’t disintegrate on touch. There was a cheese on the burger, so mature and strong I struggled to speak for the next 30 minutes. The finishing touch was a dill-pesto spread on the inside of the top of the bun; this was fine.

The chips were decent, in fact better than that, but they are by no means the best. Very chunky and good quality potato, but perhaps a little too large and few. The sauces were great, particularly the ketchup which beared a hint of fennel and worked well with both the chips and the burger. Lastly there was an accompaniment of gherkins, which I am always happy to receive.

I have been several times since and it is strongly consistent. Any friend who I have taken there has also agreed it is the best they’ve had, and there have been a few now. Get down there, try this burger and stop with the spurious claims. This one is the real thing!

Notes: this burger is only available weekday lunchtimes. Take a holiday if need be.