Nosediving into Black Mirror
Caroline Savage

I’ve seen this show featured on my Netflix a few times but it never really seemed to catch my eye. After reading your review, it makes me want to go and watch it. I love how the show seems to capture the addicting factor of social media — how many likes you can get on an Instagram post, how many views you can get on a Snapchat story, etc. Although it is pretty scary to think that society could evolve into the one Black Mirror depicts, it is possible with the current direction of social media. I remember when I first started to get into social media back in high school, I was completely obsessed with it. For instance, I remember checking my follower count everyday to make sure no one unfollowed me, which is pretty similar to what Lacie Pound does in the video clip. Although your review is quite short, it provides enough detail about the show to peak the interest of people who haven’t seen it. Great job!

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