Stop and pay attention
Tim Cigelske

Review what you wrote about what you found in Johnston Hall last week. Then look at your notes. Did you miss any details? What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing without looking at your notes?

I got most important details but I think the main problem was I wasn’t specific enough in the first place so it was easy to recreate. It was a little hard at first but once I remembered what I chose it all came back.

What did you learn from eavesdropping on a classroom?

The class I heard was talking about HDMI cords and how you can use them to plug your laptop into a TV or projector for a presentation.

What’s something you learned from a magazine or newspaper?

Sandy Cohen may be leaving Marquette to play basketball somewhere else. What is the Marquette Tribune editor in chief doing today?

John E. Salak currently lives in New York City and owns his own strategic communication agency called The Salak Group.

What can you find out about the professor you wrote down from the directory? What have they researched? What are they known for?

Dr. James Pokrywczynski is an associate professor in strategic communication. He’s specifically done a lot of research on sports media.

What did you say in the note you put in a professor’s mailbox? What skills did you learn from this person?

I wrote a note to Dr. Nettleton because I took her Media in Society this time last year. Since then I’ve viewed a lot of popular media like news programs, music videos and magazines differently. This sort of lense has felt particularly useful during all the political news reports because I don’t just believe any a potentially bias network says.

What did you learn from the student who works in student media?

I talked to Amy, a sociology and history major who is also the managing editor of the Marquette Wire. Her advice was never to lie in a story.

What alum from the Alumni Hall of Fame inspires you and why?

Charlie Mangano was a journalist who created the first animated humorous business news program. I thought it was intriguing that he combined humor with business. I’d like to see his animations.

What did you see when you visited a new floor in Johnston Hall?

I’ve had class on every floor but when I really observed the third floor I noticed there was a white, modern looking chair sitting in the hallway. I wonder if it’s the only one like it in the building.

What Marquette alumna won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland? Now find her interview with Poynter. What is a tip that she shared about paying attention in interviews?

Jacqueline Banaszynski said to ask about sense, not emotions. She suggests asking questions that get the interviewee to recall another sense that could connect them back to a memory.

Embed the tweets you sent to Dean Kimo Ah Yun.

What do you notice when you turned your phone off?

I went write before class time and noticed that probably 90% of students took the stairs to their classroom and only about 10% used the elevator.

Finally, a challenge for tomorrow. Don’t check your phone in the morning until after breakfast. Write down what you notice when you do this.

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