Calling my fellow discouraged youth…

Millennials Don’t Vote Because Of Lack Of Information

Thinking back on my childhood, I now realize how amazing my parents are. When I was a kid I would ask my mom what words meant or how things worked, and she would always tell me to ‘look it up’. At the time, this was incredibly annoying. Now, as an active college student, the ability to utilize resources is one of my most valuable skills. I am, as well as most other millennials, very good at surfing the web and finding information. Unfortunately, the barrier to entry in the noble quest for political information has become too high, and I’m sure you are aware of this too. A black hole has developed in the form of quality, non-biased information about politics, it is almost non-existent. After becoming increasingly annoyed with how our current news sources have turned into a political version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I have become very discouraged about furthering my involvement in our country’s politics.

No Arms Or Legs

This doesn’t only apply to politics but government functions as well. The recent spike in aggression between the republican and democratic party is incredibly discouraging to anyone looking into politics, let alone diving further into our government itself. This, and the added confusion as to what the aggression is even about, is creating a feeling of discomfort and strong adversity to politics and even voting. The way things are going right now, we (the youth of America) see things on the news and get annoyed that this is what our country’s leaders are doing; causing drama. Then, some of us try and make sense of what the drama is about , but alas! No good resources to explain what the heck is happening. The bottom line is that my generation is getting disappointing looks from older generations because we’re not that involved. This is like giving someone a disappointing look when they can’t play catch with you because they don’t have any arms or legs. Our generation is smart, creative and fully aware of the impact that politics has on us, but we don’t have any resources that fit our needs. Yes, there are some good articles and journals out there that could help young generations become politically savvy, but they are either hard to find, hard to understand, or are are too biased.

Can We Really Rely On Social Media?

Facebook and other social media sites have done a good job of supplying the internet-driven world with more useful information about politics, specifically this past election, but it’s not enough. Even though social media might seem like one of the less swayed sources of information, most of the videos from Facebook and others are in fact still biased. Just because a video is short and seems informative, doesn’t mean that it’s giving you all the information. This is not to throw social media under the bus, social media is actually helping spike interest in politics, but to what extent? Recent discoveries have revealed that some of Facebook’s political information was falsified or published with motives to sway this past election. I’m obviously in support of more explanatory political resources but what doesn’t sit well with me is that even in the social media-sphere, the motives behind the information being published is not always purely educational.

The Right Information Can Bring The Power Back To The People

What we need is a resource that gathers simplified, factual, non-biased information on politics, politicians, and government all in one place. Something that is easily accessible and easy to understand. After attempting to wade through all the biased information put out on TV and social media, I have decided to create this resource. I am starting a website dedicated to the education of younger voters, or anyone for that matter, on what is going on in our country in a way so that they can develop their own opinions and feel encouraged to be involved, not the other way around. This website that I am starting is called HonestGov and although it is not launched yet, I am trying to raise awareness of the problem and my solution. I am tired of waiting for older generations to hold our hand and walk us through different parts of growing up. My peers and myself have the potential to be a beautifully passionate and active generation and I know my website will help us get there.

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