First post ?-hmmm

I am not a blogger by heart but after reading a lot of design blogs it seems that they are all saying the same thing-

If you want to contribute to the design community start sharing by writing

Which brings me to this.

I’ve been actively interested design since 2011, it all started with a design of a banner that I saw on a screen when I was much younger. I got so fascinated with the way the designer was able to reproduce actual looking book covers and brochures on a computer screen, and thank God he was a sharer. He showed me around a few shapes and colors in CorelDraw and that was it !!! a star designer was born!!!.

Some of the first real designs that I made with CorelDraw

Well it wasn’t all roses from then because we couldn’t meet again, and all he told me was to practice designing.

Fast forward 6 years now I design logos, banners and recently took interest in UX (User Experience Design) as a result of my search for perfection in the design of various things mostly Nigerian. I’ve got a portfolio coming up soon but till then-