Top Ten Inspiring designers you need to know

Andikan Bassey
May 15, 2018 · 5 min read

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing stuff online from people I know and those that I don’t, and I figured that I share some of that stuff. So here’s some creatives whose work has been inspiring to me many ways more than one.

And when I say a couple I mean a lot. Hopefully this article doesn’t get too long😉

1. Lucie Bajgart (Portfolio Design)

Lucie’s portfolio shows a great deal of experience. Her simple but detailed ‘about me’ page, tells you much more about her than an interview would.

2. Ales Nesetril (Design Case studies)

I once asked Ales about how he learned to design such great looking case studies, and guess what he told me-

For reference, I’ve got just a little over a year’s experience. I’m working on surpassing that bar soon.

3. Lubos Volkov (Instagram Feed)

L-R (Profile Page, Individual Shot, Story)

From a few messages with Lubos, I got a free license for a Sketch plugin 😊. Besides the freebies, his Instagram feed is one of the most consistent sources of design-related content out there. You should check it out.

4. George Bokhua (Logo Design)

Came across George’s dribbble page as I was writing this article and I was stunned at some of the logos he’s done. Including his profile picture💪.

I recently found out that he is taking a class on Logo gridding on skillshare, you can register for it here .

5. Malika Favre (Illustration)

I saw Malika’s work after listening to one episode of Tobias van Schneider’s NTMY podcast (more about him below), and till today I’m still stunned. The emotions you get from just staring at her illustrations are equivalent to the portraiture of Platon.

6. Neldy Germain (Art Direction)

This is the typical example of

you follow me, I follow back, I check your page and I’m stunned.

Neldy’s about page has some of the funniest testimonials I’ve seen in a while. I really think you should have a look at it.

7. Tobias van Schneider (Portfolio & Blog Design)

Tobias should be given an award for the amount of advice that he gives on his blog, with topics ranging from psychology and self-improvement, to things like writing a portfolio case study. His instagram feed is also something worth having a look at if you’re into photography.

8. Jan Losert (Instagram Feed & Styleguides)

Jan is well-known in the design community for his Dashboard UI Kit that has helped a lot of designers speed up their workflow. His Instagram feed is also worth taking a lot at if you’re looking for inspiration on being consistent .

9. Aristide Benoist (Animations & Micro-interactions)

Aristide Benoist is an interesting person. If you browse websites that he has had a serious touch, you would easily notice his stunning but simple animations mostly using technologies like WebGL.

10. Nicholas Ødegaard (Animations)

This guy’s animations are well thought-out period. His style is quite similar to that of Aristide, only that his stuff is on dribbble.

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