3 Lessons to learn for your Career through playing BlackJack Card Game

This past weekend my close friend was telling me how he lost a huge amount of money through gambling in the past festive season whilst visiting Durban Sun Coast Casino. As a loyal friend I tried not to judge him by going to the casino as in his mind he deserved the fun since he had worked very hard during the year. This got me thinking about how the principles of blackjack can be linked to one’s career as it is a game that can be won through practice that fosters being wise with your card game.

By the way blackjack is the most widely played casino game in the world hosting a variety of players be it new to the know it all types as some argue luck plays a role in gambling others reckon it is combined with experience. The question becomes are you in control of handling and playing the cards you’re dealt with in your career? As the takeaway I learnt from my friends gambling loss was that it is always crucial determining your strategy ahead of time as that removes any form of emotion you make regarding decision making and arguably my friend lost mainly by having no strategy and just playing with what the dealer had given him.

“To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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The 3 Lessons to learn from applying blackjack to your Career:

1. Determine your strategy and no matter what just stick to it.

2. Know exactly what you’re willing to lose.

3. Don’t risk everything on a personal feeling, emotion or guess.

It is debatable that knowing the following can help you avoid drastic losses and setbacks in your career as just like blackjack the more dependent you are in the luck of the draw the more you lose control and confidence and that always leads to disaster. The key is to focus on your vision and goal you decided on when you were calm and in deep thought about your career as you become aware on how much is needed to invest in achieving it.

The bottom line is that in some instances you may lose but as long you are clear in the goal nothing can stop you not even the DEALER of the GAME. Without a doubt at work each day comes with its own challenges, it is almost a natural life phenomena where there is some much out there that is beyond our control but what it is important is that we can control our response and way of handling our careers.

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Andile Amac Makaring is a South African born entrepreneur with a background in organisational psychology and product management applying lean methodologies to unsolved problems. Makaring is a well respected, highly regarded master in psychology, media and technology person.