Get brainwashed to survive being at your job today..

How many of you agree with me that these days depending one job, one form of salary and usually one career has become a dangerous thing to do…

Would you agree that workplace is changing if you look around most people today have more than one job besides their 9–5, some are even Uber drivers others are renting out their homes on Airbnb.

The point is the need to be nimble and thinking like an entrepreneur whether you are not is want is needed today. The old methodologies of just having one job and depending on it have become obsolete.

It worked for our parents back in the 90’s but is certainly not working for us in the 21st century.

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Getting brainwashed and removing old ideas learnt at home and school can only prepare us young people for the REAL LIFE experiences.

They say knowledge is power but what happens if you operating with the wrong knowledge — Grant Cardone

Today there is increasing number of freelancers than actual full time employees, the idea of being at a company for decades is nowhere to be seen unless you want to be like the old and constantly complaining grannies at work who have worked for a company for like 10 years straight or more.

I do not think so right?

My millionaire mentor always tells me that in order for me to have a successful career and make my first million which will happen pretty soon requires me to literally LOSE MY MIND.

I tell you right now I am daily brainwashing my brain and running around like a lunatic to push my work and brand in order to meet new people and get deals I need to elevate my career.

Funny thing psychologists label Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) people as mentally unhealthy yet in life it requires you to have OCD to get what you want .

NB: Have the work ethic of an obsessive person and the persistence of a maniac

Whilst others at work are obsessed about chasing Pokemon be the one obsessed about chasing your potential.

Look around you all the people winning today are breaking rules and setting giant goals which many might consider impossible but if you get brainwashed they become possible.

I am already brainwashed so any average thinking about life and work won’t fix my brain to be ‘normal’ whatever that means…

Thank you to all for watching the new McDonald TV Advert I featured in, the views have skyrocketed incredibly.

Stay focused,

Andile Amac Makaring


Andile Amac Makaring is a Mozambican/South African born entrepreneur with a background in psychology and product management applying lean methodologies to unsolved problems. Makaring is a well respected, highly regarded master sales, media and technology person

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