The 3 rules of learning people skills at work

Most of recent graduates and young people in the country are currently out of work whilst others are already employed yet are desiring for something better for their careers. As a graduate I remembered how difficult it was to get a job and later discovering that sending out your CV to people and applying on the internet may not be the most viable solution.

The good news having had experience in HR, I can assure you that despite what the government and society may emphasize in the lack of job creation and limited funds for them, someone and somewhere they are looking to hire great people, it is just a matter of you knowing about it and pitching yourself to them.

NB: By the way did you know that you are never out of a JOB as even if you don’t have a JOB your current job becomes to get a JOB

In fact we live in an era where applicants with degrees and qualifications are all over the place but the most important thing that seems to be missing especially in social settings such as job interviews, meetings and presentations is people skills. The biggest problem today is the inability of work professionals to pitch themselves to influential people be it getting a job, discussing pay raise and suggested an idea that can benefit the company.

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There are so many people I know with great industry knowledge and experience yet their ability to talk to other co-workers is poor and this is not only a concern for them but also drains a company’s culture and employee engagement. The point is that if you want to find yourself in a better job position you need great pitching skills to justify your value to powerful leaders in your company or industry.

3 Pitching rules to learn:

1. Get someone’s attention, get it fast by stating the value you bringing to them

2. Be concise with people by getting to the point and indicating your intentions

3. Practice pitching and talking to yourself, family members and whoever you feel comfortable with first so it becomes easier to pitch to others

The key lesson is that without a pitch you are going nowhere as you need it for almost everything in life such as convincing your employer about your career goals, your partner about buying something or going somewhere and more so pitching to yourself about why you need to do something and go to work in the morning.

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Andile Amac Makaring is a South African born entrepreneur with a background in organisational psychology and product management applying lean methodologies to unsolved problems. Makaring is a well respected, highly regarded master in psychology, media and technology person.