The 4 reasons why you need to be ruthless to people at work

This is a career topic which I can almost guarantee that you will not learn from school, neither at work and certainly not from your family as many are aware of the need for it yet somehow can’t seem to exercise it well. Being ruthless by all means has been associated with all types of negativity such as dictatorship, immoral and inhumane yet no one has covered the importance of having it to instill discipline, structure and respect from co-workers mostly importantly from yourself.

According to the dictionary, ruthless means having or showing no pity and compassion for others. Sounds ruthless right? The reality is that if you are not being ruthless to people when it comes to them undermining your career goals, disturbing you at work and being negative minded constantly, chances are you have not been ruthless with yourself in being great in your industry.

It’s your ability to manage and manipulate life with your mind it’s the closest thing to a superhero power you’re going to get in this world — Ray Kurzweil

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I remember growing up at home where my mother would always disagree or caution decisions I made that appeared risky and unnecessary such as starting a small side business and hanging out with older and wealthier children than me. What is interesting is that her caution was of love and care for me but might have not been the best thing to me as it compresses my growth, life long learning skills, independence in thinking and making decisions which are vital for career growth.

I don’t mean that you always have to discard the suggestions from people that you work with and family members that care about you. I just believe you have to learn how to handle them and let them know that these are your specific goals and actions that you want to take for your career. Almost in a sense letting them know how your actions link to your goals. Otherwise they will be ruthless to you by instilling their ideas, attitudes and actions for you to follow and you will inevitably end up devaluing and in conflict with your own individuality.

The day you become contempt you stop evaluating yourself, growing for the better and that is when low work performance and laziness catches you

The 4 ways of learning to become Ruthless below:

Keep busy in a productive manner — in this mode you don’t have time to entertain unproductive people and doubting yourself as you are constantly on the go looking to achieve something.

Write down a list of what you tolerate and don’t tolerate — This helps you quickly see patterns and behaviours of people that can become a threat in your career goals.

Don’t always listen to people because of their high job positions — Learning to take advice, and then drawing your own conclusions is key as it allows you to be critical and objective in your decision making process at work.

Constantly analyze your work environment — this will allow you to ruthlessly see more opportunities in your industry whilst others complain about working hours, job tasks and their salaries.

The bottom line is that if you are not ruthless in your career you will easily allow people to walk all over you and once that happens you immediately lose control and great work opportunities for your career. GET RUTHLESS SHOW NO PITY TO OTHERS WHO HAVE GIVEN UP ON THEIR CAREERS.

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Andile Amac Makaring is a South African born entrepreneur with a background in organisational psychology and product management applying lean methodologies to unsolved problems. Makaring is a well respected, highly regarded master in psychology, media and technology person.

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