The importance of being a top performer at work: The Pareto Principle

The modern workplace has become an unbelievable time to work in especially with the high growth rate of new job roles, businesses and an expansion of the job economy. If you do your homework companies today with employees less than 20 employees can generate more profit than companies with over 100 employees because of new technologies and by having an inexpensive decentralized company structure.

This whole mentality of if you are working and have a business you need to have huge offices is becoming obsolete yet still tends to confuse a lot of people. This got me thinking about the Pareto Principle which is the 80/20 rule that specifies an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs.

I love this principle because it helps you understand why you need to be the best in your industry at all costs an example of it is how the efforts of 20% of a company staff could drive 80% of their profits even more applicable to South African society is how 80% of the wealth is controlled by 20% of the country’s population.

Wouldn’t you love to be in the top 20% in your Industry?
The truth is for you to ever been in the top 20% like how I am trying to be as well is that it is not only abut hard work and having a great mindset like how people keep preaching but it is about being an ambitious career driven monster and killer who will do whatever work given that needs to be done for to achieve high levels of performance.

I know the idea of this term called the Hustle appears to be very popular among us young work professionals but the reality is that you never really in the hustle you in the game of having discipline like a monk that meditates everyday.

This supports the notion of if ever you are procrastinating and you don’t have the effort in doing something that means you still have not yet built the discipline required to instill that action.

Everyday I am doing things I don’t like by waking up early going to meetings, cold calling people and believe it or not writing articles as well but I know having the discipline for it is more important than my personal feelings.

People keep preaching always do what you love but what if for that to happen you would have to do what you don’t love first?

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If this quote below by American-South African hero inspires you just know you on the right track for the top 20% takeover..

The lesson here is to have that Pareto Principle mindset by not just being focused on expecting career success happening so fast but by realizing that your worth in the workplace is based on your workaholic habits that provide value to the company and work colleagues and that’s when achievement and prosperity makes room for you.

The secret I have learnt in life is that you don’t get paid for time at work you only get paid for the value you put in that time.

Question is how much value are you daily putting in your work environment?

I just recently did a TV interview discussing the mindset, actions and books recommended today for a prosperous work life. Check it out here (unedited)

Stay focused,


Andile Amac Makaring is a Mozambican/South African born entrepreneur with a background in organisational psychology and product management applying lean methodologies to unsolved problems. Makaring is a well respected, highly regarded master sales, media and technology person.