Why convenience is the new currency

Maureen Andinda
Jul 30, 2017 · 2 min read
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Picture this: in 1993 in order to keep your money safe, you had to go to a bank with a list of requirements; a recommendation from a reputable member of society, have an initial deposit fee of about UGX 500,000 (about 150 USD) and provide specific details of your earnings. Today however, if you have a phone, you’re your own banker with a mobile money account ready to deposit and withdraw at will.

The dynamics presented in this scenario largely revolve around the technology of the phone which is quickly becoming the gateway to so many opportunities and the symbol for convenience on the go.

Whether we agree or not, our lives have been engulfed in what is the technological wave and more people, knowingly or otherwise are embracing life as we know it on the cyberspace. The most notable feature that this technological boom has had on our lives is the ability to increase the convenience with which we do the everyday things.

Communication with friends and family, closing business deals and working on projects or even shopping have all been revolutionized by the bust that is the internet, which has in many ways, improved the quality of life for many.

The single most important thing that convenience avails us all is the ability to better utilize time for the things that we really care about. In other words, convenience = time. More time with friends and family, more time for your business, more time for your passions and interests. The adage, “time is money” couldn’t be truer.

In everyday life, that could translate to easily accessing that airtime when you’re on the move to help sort out a frustrated customer’s issue, pay your child’s school fees while out on a work assignment upcountry so they don’t have to miss exams or get access to a quick credit line to clear your mom’s hospital bills.

In time, as more people realize that convenience which has been fueled by our vast online interactions grants them access to more time, they will continue to demand that brands, businesses and individuals’ interactions are more deliberate in efficiently meeting this need and for as long as people can get the access to more time, you can bet they will take it.

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