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&insurance — the Philly startup that is considered the Rocky Balboa among insurance companies, insurtechs, and insurance product designers alike — has announced the launch of a new service tier that will provide more properties and residents with access to the company’s underlying insurance services.

2 min readApr 5, 2023


&insurance, which won the startup SJU competition in 2017 Disrupt event in Philadelphia, looks to save renters plenty of money that adds up over the course of a 12–18 month lease.

The new platform, “Powered by &insurance” acts as a similar but more accessible alternative to the company’s current offering. Residents in buildings equipped with “Powered by &insurance” are given access to all of the company’s solutions except for travel and business insurance. &insurance can offer its new service tier at a lower price point and integrate with more buildings faster.

Property owners using “Powered by &insurance” can customize packages to include the services that best fit the needs of their residents and can upgrade or change service levels at any time. Both residents and building owners using the new platform are given more control and direct access to &insurance services.

The launch of “Powered by &insurance” seems to be a natural evolution for the company, which seeks to make its offering more accessible to fit the lifestyles of all residents .

“We want &insurance to be an amenity. We want to make “insurance” a universal amenity and make it something anyone can access, “said &insurance CEO and founder, Artie Woodlyn III. We wanted to find a way where we could accelerate growth and get AI and human-focused help into many apartment buildings to help the amenity craving apartment communities.”

The launch represents the latest step in &insurance’s expansion plans, which appear to have ramped up in recent months. The startup already boasts an impressive partnership roster and expects its new offering to open-up further opportunities for partnerships across different stages of the resident life cycle.

“If I can change and you can change, everybody can change.” — Rocky Balboa

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