“Bloom where you are planted.”

Every waking day, she tries her best to bloom where she is planted. The soil ain’t healthy. Under no imaginable circumstance will she thrive in that soil.

She was uprooted several times.

Early on, she was where she dreamt of being planted. She thought that it was the best environment where she can grow and flourish. It was far from home. She was taken there with her deepest faith that that is where she belonged. Years passed. She found it difficult to stretch her branches. No new leaves found. Weeds began to sprout until it almost covered her frail body. She dried up. She just wanted to die.

Then someone decided to take her. All of her. He removed the weeds. He watered her. He allowed her some sunshine and breathing space. At night, he placed her inside so no one can harm her. He took care of her. Under his protection, she felt important. No one has ever taken care of her the way this man did. She felt that under his care, she will bloom, she will grow flowers, she will bear fruits. A century had passed, then she realized…she was not a flowering plant. She will never grow flowers. She will never bear fruits.

She lived on.

She is beautiful. Properly nourished and cared for. What else can she ask for?

But this man, he was not always around. There were times when she left her with a caretaker…days, months, years, without the shadow of this man. She felt lonely. Again, these moments in between the many years made her feel like she wanted to die.

There were days when her stems and branches were stretched out ready to embrace the day. But in the middle of the day, a downpour…sometimes merely drizzling, but oftentimes, a storm. She had to withstand the scorching heat of the sun, the torrential rains, the beasts that bite her leaves, the animals that pee on her. She had to endure the episodes of being in full bloom then wilting…without the man.

She learned to go through these days, months, years. She learned how to wait. She learned to sustain herself. She learned to be independent as her branches grew stronger every day. She learned to live without the man.

And then he comes back…always he comes back and makes her feel that she needs him. And she does.

She does.

The man decided to change the soil where she is planted now. And given that circumstance, she hopes she’ll grow, the way she envisions herself to be. May not be big, may not have flowers nor fruits, but healthy and alive. And hopefully, will bloom where she is planted.


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