MKE Poverty

I’ve mentioned this in a few posts, but one of my favorite things to do around MKE is just to run around the city. For me, it’s the best way to get to know where things are, what’s going on in the city, all that good stuff. Today, as I ran down Wisconsin Avenue, I noticed a little area on the side that had a jumbo Twister game painted onto the parking lot blacktop, among many other games for kids. I thought it was awesome that whoever did this made something fun and entertaining for kids in an unlikely place, and it gave me an idea. As we know, this city has a large poverty issue, and one of the main causes and effects is a lack of education of Milwaukee’s youth. Kids oftentimes lose the drive to keep learning, to discover new things, and this can lead to them dropping out of school early and getting caught in a cycle of impoverishment. Going off of the parking lot Twister idea, maybe we could scatter different kids’ areas around the city that encourage education and foster a love for learning. It could be something as simple as painting the phases of a tadpole becoming a frog on some pavement, or writing some fun facts— just something that might spark the curiosity of even one child. In a city like Milwaukee, it’s hard to think of using nature to benefit others, but the city itself is nature, and by using it to our advantage, we could make a significant difference.

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