139-C: A Game on Ethereum Blockchain

139-C — A brand new Ethereum-based Blockchain Game
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What is 139-C?

  • 139-C is a Smart Contract developed on the Ethereum technology blockchain.
  • Its game logic protocol and financial data information are deployed at the height of the Ethereum block.
  • No server
  • No domain name
  • No app
  • No back office
  • No trader
  • All the program architecture is on the Ethereum ~ ERC-20 Smart Contract, which can be operated through any decentralized wallet!

Why Choose 139-C?🗯

  • 139-C is a Low-threshold
  • Low-risk
  • Transparent and Fair
  • A betting decentralized financial management game

How 139-C was established?🗯

139-C is established on the ERC-20 public chain. Once the chain starts running, it will Never Stop and the entire Smart Contract will be Triggered Automatically.

🚀139-C Objectives and Vision🚀

  • 139-C hopes that Blockchain Games will have the opportunity to change the business form of the existing game industry, bring social value through true smart contract game applications.
  • Let players truly participate in the game, grasp the direction of the game through open and transparent data, and be able to control their own destiny in the virtual world.
  • Contract Gaming Platform is to help all dreamers to succeed!
  • Only Smart Contracts can really solve the integrity problem.
  • Bitcoin has opened the 1.0 era of digital currency through distributed accounting.
  • Ethereum has opened the 2.0 era of Smart Contracts, and entered the era of programmable finance through smart contracts.
  • Smart Contracts utilize a decentralized network architecture to Automate Contract back-end processes, including Escrow, Maintenance, Triggering and Settlement.
  • Once the contract code is completed and sent to the Blockchain, the contract will be strictly executed in accordance with the code, and humans cannot intervene.

🏆Personal Daily Dividend🏆

🥇Referral Rewards🥇

Personal Rewards Capped Setup📈

🏅Lucky Pool Rules🏅

(Applicable for Direct Sponsor only, Release 9AM Daily)

🎖Championship Pool Rules aka C Pool 🎖

(Applicable for Direct Sponsor only, Release 9AM Daily)

👇Overall Rewards Type👇

Last but not least, I would like to also advise all investors to DYOR before any investments. All investments indicate a risk of winning and losing. Please safeguarded your wallet and enjoy the game.



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