Track Daily TripAdvisor Ranking changes and comments in a Google Spreadsheet with Google Apps Scripts

Recently I wondered what’s the best way for me to track my TripAdvisor property (Allure Caramel Hotel by Karisma) ranking changes and the number of comments on a daily basis.

I imagined something like this.

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TripAdvisor Ranking + Review Scores

This is the setup I came up with:

1. Google Apps Script

For extracting the ranking and number of comments per star level (1–5).

2. Google Spreadsheet

For storing results and generating a graph.

This is how the script looks like.

You can run it in 3 simple steps:

  • Open up the Script editor in a new Google Spreadsheet
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Script editor
  • Paste the code, change property name, change property URL and save the document
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Paste, Change & Save
  • If you want a daily measurement as I do go to Edit > Current Project’s Triggers > + Add Trigger
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Add trigger
  • Set function to run to“exportTripAdvisorRankingToSpreadsheet”
  • Time-Driven
  • Time of Day: eg: Midnight to 1 am and Save

That’s it.

You are all set to have daily updates of your properties TripAdvisor ranking. :)

Let me know, in the comments, if you have any questions

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